A new kind of team


Designing the app for organizing top events around the world


How could we design an event management platform, that’s both easy to use, and can scale with complex features for the event professionals that need them?

The true case study for zkipster is how we work within this innovative startup. Madeo is unique in how we integrate our team into select client teams to play company roles alongside other staff. Thanks to zkipster’s forward thinking, the Madeo team is truly part of the company, where Madeo team members collaborate directly with other team members within zkipster. It’s what we believe is the future for innovative collaborative teams. And, it has helped make zkipster and Madeo create an unparalleled platform with web, iOS, and Android apps that are powering the world’s best events, in every single industry, across 100 countries, and serving over 8 million guests.

Our challenge, as a collective team, is to continue creating more helpful features; like invites, seating charts, check-in notifications, analytics, and more, but also not overwhelm the event organizers that don’t need all of them. We tackle this within designing the product, and within marketing it through the website, advertising, and other marketing initiatives.


Make zkipster easy to sign up to, easy to use, and seamless for users to switch on or off the features that matter to their event.

We helped redesign the signup user flow to make it possible for event professionals to quickly create a free account and see first hand how zkipster can help them create better events. We also redesigned the approach in communicating zkipster; instead of focusing the website on the product features, we focused on how these features help the users, which is ultimately what matters.



Significant growth in user engagement, new signups, and helping make events better; for organizers, and for millions of guests.

Zkipster is growing at a phenomenal rate, while continuing to help event organizers do a better job of throwing the most complex events in the world.

“We’re friends and we’re coworkers, and we’re going after the same thing. Which is creating the perfect guest experience and doing everything we can to achieve that.” – David Becker, CEO of zkipster

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