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Growing Wall Street's top compliance tool for trading firms


How could we help compliance professionals decide to make a big investment into a better tool for their work and their firms?

Trillium Surveyor is an innovative software product designed to help financial compliance professionals detect and regulate suspicious trading activity at their firms. Built by the engineering team at Trillium, Surveyor is a complex product that requires its own roadmap and strategy, advertising campaigns, design resources, copywriting, and more.

Because a tool like Surveyor occupies such an important role in the work of compliance experts, investing in a new compliance tool for their firms can be a long and complex process that ultimately may take months of discussions and preparation.

The Madeo team was brought on for ongoing collaboration with strategy, design, and content work relating to Surveyor, with the goal of better communicating to financial compliance professionals why they should invest in Surveyor for their work.


Create, measure, and improve initiatives that get smarter and better at communicating with Surveyor’s most important audience.

Working with a multi-faceted team on a complex product needs a foundation of good communication. So we created a collaborative strategy roadmap to plan our future contributions and ensure everyone is working toward the same purposeful goals.

This kind of foundation helps in two important ways: sharing clear goals, and helpful ways to evaluate outcomes.

As part of the Trillium website redesign, we revamped the language, visual assets, and user experience of the Surveyor product page and sign up flow. Using data gathered from this, as well as competitive research and frequent conversations with the Trillium team, we developed the kind of product-market understanding needed to make effective design and strategy improvements.

Now we regularly help optimize lead conversion by analyzing the effectiveness of existing content and design that helps bring in new users and prospects.

We also work with the Trillium team on creating ad campaigns with engaging designed visuals, copy targeted directly at Surveyor’s most important demographic of users, and performance reviews to help these efforts improve.



Communications surrounding Surveyor have a clear, strong message.

Madeo and Trillium work together on advertising campaigns that have helped word of Surveyor reach thousands of potential users on social media and across the internet, and even on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square.

Improving the strategy and messaging tools available to all the teams working on Surveyor has helped unify how the product is described across all kinds of platforms: online, in press releases, sales emails, and internal conversations.

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