A new kind of team


Designing a stress-free user experience for Seagate’s data recovery service


Contrasting stressful data loss accidents, like losing family photos, with a reassuring user experience to get it back.

The biggest challenge for Seagate, one of the most recognized names in consumer data storage, was to turn confusing industry jargon, like “data insurance policy” and “in-lab recovery” into something personal and relatable. And then, help create an online user experience that is reassuring and trustworthy. People would have to trust Seagate with their own devices, like iPhones and laptops, in order for Seagate to recover their lost data. And with the stress of lost data, the experience has to build confidence that there is hope to recover what was lost.

The Madeo team led the user experience design, user interface design, and the foundational Search Engine Optimization decisions in creating the website.


A minimal stress-free design with a focus on the human stories that matter.

We designed a simple and elegant website that quickly introduces what is important from Seagate’s service. We helped differentiate the service from third-party offerings by making it about the people and their real-life stories. From pictures of people enjoying using devices with their families, Seagate experts who help restore lost data, to video and text testimonials of happy customers who got back valuable data, we chose content and visuals that help relate visitors to the human stories that highlight the need for Seagate’s service.


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