A new kind of team


A new website for America's leading urban development advisory


How could we communicate and clarify HR&A’s complex advisory work and expertise?

HR&A Advisors is an industry-leading consulting firm providing services in real estate, economic development, program design, and implementation.

Dedicated to reinvention, the company transforms cities into vibrant urban centers that offer jobs, and sustain a high quality of life for diverse communities.

Madeo and HR&A collaborated on reimagining HR&A’s aging website. Important information was often buried, and the technology powering the website struggled with mobile and newer devices.


More visual, more responsive, more intuitive, and more secure.

We identified opportunities across the website to improve the user experience and highlight the most important content: the advisors and the impact of the strategic projects they advised.

Our initial content strategy work focused on editing down overwhelming information. In the older website visitors were exposed to too many projects, services, descriptions, and navigation choices at a given time. We made it a priority not to add more elements to the website, but to instead remove information that didn’t add value, merge content elements when possible, and design interactions to allow visitors to focus on fewer but more prominent elements at a time.

We recognized that some of the pages will still need to be long and contain many elements, such as the team page with over 60 team members. By grouping the team into categories, and creating an intuitive side navigation to get to each one quickly, visitors are able to explore more team members and get closer to the people that they will collaborate with on future projects.

Technology got an equal overhaul. The old website had security vulnerabilities and issues that invited us to create the digital foundation from the ground up for better security, stability, and performance.


Online visitors see HR&A leading urban innovation.

The HR&A website has turned into an effective digital platform for visitors to engage with the company. The experience of interacting with the website is now more aligned with HR&A. And the analytics show higher engagement between the company’s website and its visitors.

You can see examples of the new approach throughout the site. The statement describing HR&A on the homepage is split into shorter sentences. Each sentence gets displayed on its own in a large, prominent, and elegant font. Featuring a few projects on the homepage allows each special project to get much more focused attention and visual space.

HR&A is one of Madeo’s ongoing clients, where the Madeo team collaborates with the HR&A staff as a fully integrated team within the company, which ensures that the website’s impact and the influence of the team’s expertise continue to improve over time and in sync with HR&A’s roadmap.

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