A new kind of team


Creating New York’s fresh take on car rental


Madeo partnered with hiway’s startup team from day one. Madeo was invited to play a number of key company roles, including leadership and execution of branding, product, and marketing. Madeo is unique in how the team joins our client teams with genuine company roles and hiway is the perfect case study for creating this new kind of multidisciplinary team. The Madeo team partnered on defining the startup’s roadmap from concept to launch and beyond. Some of the team roles Madeo team members took on include creative direction, product strategy, product management, product development, marketing strategy, digital marketing execution, visual and marketing design, copywriting, website/app design and development, and more.

The new travel startup is entering a complicated and heavily competitive market. The market includes car rental companies, newcomers offering a wide range of cars-on-demand, and newer peer-to-peer car sharing. To differentiate themselves, hiway invited Madeo to first understand pain points of current users, which involved months of research, observation, and analysis. The results informed the team’s strategy, design, and ultimately the product and marketing roadmaps that followed.

Madeo continues to be part of hiway’s core team, delivering an easy, fun, and pleasant way to rent better cars. As a user friendly marketplace serving renters and small fleet owners, hiway’s model is designed to financially support small local business owners. Madeo and hiway continue to learn, create, and serve renters and small business owners with a community-first approach that is helping travelers have fun and reliable car rental for all.




Madeo continues to lead marketing for hiway, with online advertising and hyper focused campaigns that help hiway’s rapid growth in multiple neighborhoods and cities. As a multidisciplinary team that spans across marketing and product, Madeo is able to quickly learn and adapt from insights collected from product users and prospects alike. Learn more about hiway from drivehiway.com

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