A new kind of team

Anonymous Resolution

What happens when you allow users to share their goals anonymously?

The idea

Resolutions, typically new year’s resolutions, tend to have cliche gym goals, diets, and checklists for self-improvement. We were curious how people would reflect and share their goals differently if they were to post them anonymously.

For one thing, there is no reward here for posting something that seems admirable; People may post something odd, trivial, personal, or completely unexpected. We are not big on typical new year’s resolutions, but we are big on reflecting, planning, and being intentional with how we spend our time, so it seemed like an interesting side project to take on.



We shared the brand new website and got over 150 resolutions in the first couple of weeks. At first, we wanted the website to be unfiltered, allowing it to be as sincere as possible. We got an amazing range that got us to keep it that way, until of course, we got a few that were just plain “#*&!!!” and shocking for the sake of shock. We took these off and left the rest, which range from “hugging a penguin” to “Be more patient with my family”, “Will try to learn from people more than I try to impress them,” and more specific ones, like “I want to save at least 30% of my income this year.”

We gathered interesting insights about resolutions and people; most of them focused on health, family, and work. But for us, it was so much about designing an intuitive product, with a number of criteria that apply to a range of apps and digital products — and from that we gathered interesting and unique takeaways for future UX design.



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