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New website with the Equal Justice Initiative: A History of Racial Injustice

We are proud to share A History of Racial Injustice, a new and unique website that showcases 365 historical events of racial injustice that deserve to be known and shared, one day at a time, on the day they happened. The website is our latest collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative. EJI believes that to overcome our racial inequality, we must confront our history.

The Madeo team designed and built the new website, which automatically features a daily story, on the anniversary of when it took place. Users can explore beyond the current date, and discover a wide range of events from throughout the entire year. The website also makes it easy to share these stories across social platforms. Please join us in sharing them with the public. Now more than ever, we need to acknowledge these events of our history, to help us move forward as a stronger society.

To learn more about the project, please reach out with questions to: hi@madeomedia.com

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