A new kind of team

Meet Alani, a Madeo marketing strategist

Q: As a relatively new team member, what are some of the things you are excited about in regards to your role?

I look forward to providing our client teams with the tools to strategically communicate the value of their service, product or mission to the audiences that matter most. From multi-channel digital campaigns to building a brand from scratch, I’m interested in helping our clients approach marketing holistically, so that all aspects of the brand or organization—mission, services, audiences, messaging, short and long-term business goals—are considered for impact and growth.

Q: This might sound like a job interview, but what drew you to Madeo and not another creative agency?

The most interesting aspect of Madeo is the emphasis on building meaningful partnerships with clients, and the value placed on iterative creative work through collaboration. I wanted to be a part of a team that is deeply invested in the long-term growth of companies and nonprofits, and I’ve found just that! I also have a background in nonprofits, so I am thrilled to continue working with organizations and brands that are mission-driven.

Q: Professionally speaking, what have you been working on most recently before joining Madeo?

Before joining Madeo, I led all digital and print marketing initiatives at The Studio Museum in Harlem, the leading art museum dedicated to presenting and collecting the work of artists of African descent. For over four years, I worked collaboratively with an amazing group of curators, educators, designers, fundraisers, and more to develop and amplify the Museum’s unparalleled brand. A few projects included growing the Museum’s social media following across channels from 30k to over 200k, leading brand development for the Museum’s first off-site programming initiative, and developing strategic digital campaigns to amplify the membership program and annual fundraising efforts.

Q: And outside of work, what do you love to do?

I absolutely love to cook! I just moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn and now that I have a bit more space, I’m very excited to bring my friends together for dinner. I think there’s something so special about sharing something you’ve made, spent time on and put care into with the people closest to you.

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