A new kind of team

Introducing Foster Brand Identity, a workshop by Madeo

We are excited to announce a new free and self-led branding workshop, based in Brooklyn, New York, designed by Madeo and in collaboration with Visual Magnetics.

The workshop helps teams define what they do, how they do it, and why. It explores brand values, audiences, positioning, and even the future ahead. In just hours it offers a quick start for teams to better prepare them for working with branding professionals, whether from Madeo or elsewhere.

It is designed to be exceptionally collaborative, fast, and accessible to any team, even with no prior branding experience.

What is unique about Foster

We designed the experience specifically for Visual Magnetics’ magnetic materials. What they allow is a unique ability to write, reflect alone, and then bring these magnetics layers to the wall for discussion. Foster provides a simple and guiding format for the workshop. Predesigned tactile, magnetic layers can be moved on the wall in an almost-magical way. The ability to write on the layers and the wall using erasable markers allows for even greater freedom.

Visual Magnetics is hosting the workshop at its WeWork Foster Lab space in Brooklyn. Teams of 3 to 6 members are invited to reach out for scheduling appointments. Simply email hi@madeomedia.com

If you’re not in Brooklyn

The workshop is based on the Madeo Online Branding Workshop, especially designed for those with remote team members. The online version takes less time from each team member. However, there is a truly differentiated experience by doing it all together using the Foster magnetic materials.


This free self-led workshop was made possible by the different Madeo team members that contributed to its design, including Ramy Nagy, Catalina Gutierrez, Rebecca Martin, and Tricia Ilena. It simply wouldn’t have happened without the innovative solutions created by Visual Magnetics, the support of Visual Magnetics’ Creative Director Tori Deetz, and her amazing team that helped produce it. As we continue to iterate on this workshop, we continue to acknowledge Jake Knapp for creating the 3-Hour Brand Sprint, which set the original format that we redesigned.

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