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What happens when you allow users to share their goals anonymously?

The New Year has become synonymous with people setting goals to improve in different areas of their lives. Usually these goals, which can often be a bit cliche, focus largely on diet and exercise. People share them via social media as a way to flaunt their “New Year, new me!” journeys.

With this in mind, we wanted to see what resolutions would come about when prompting people to anonymously share their goals. After some reflection and planning, what expectations did people truly have for themselves that, maybe, they didn’t feel comfortable sharing with the outside world?

We blocked off time for this fun side project, which we called ‘Anonymous Resolution’. We designed and developed it in less than two weeks in early January, now with more than 150 submitted resolutions.

People were able to share their personal goals anonymously on the Anonymous Resolution site. The breadth of responses showed that a majority of people do have deeper aspirations than “lose five pounds” or “run every day.” The responses on the site ranged from “Be stable for my son” to “Learn more from people rather than try to impress them.” on the other hand, there were also ones that felt more like spam, or flat out inappropriate, which we kept online as part of this experiment. We did not moderation to keep the content “clean” and realized that being anonymous can also have that influence on people. 

Check out the case study to learn more about the side project and its insights.

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