A new kind of team

Tax Equity Now

Bringing equality to New Yorkers using data and collective action


We partnered with TENNY (Tax Equity Now New York), the unique coalition dedicated to fixing the fundamental problems with New York’s property taxes. The current system imposes higher effective tax rates on renters and homeowners in less affluent neighborhoods, as compared to the owners of higher value single-family homes, condos, and coops.

TENNY is bringing about change through a brand new campaign and a lawsuit to ensure changes do take effect. Because the political system is unlikely to address the problem, it is time to go through the legal system – the stark inequities in the current system are not just unfair, according to TENNY, they are actually unlawful.

We took on a number of challenges, including the design of the brand identity for TENNY, creating the website that explains the issues, and building a sophisticated tool that allows New Yorkers to search more than 800,000 records to learn about their tax-related insights.


We designed a flexible brand identity that allows the coalition to integrate it into print, video, and online communication. With a defined brand identity, we kicked off the strategy, design, and web development work to create a platform that allows New Yorkers to search over 800,000 records and retrieve relevant data that can be used to take specific actions, like contacting the individual’s relevant representative. The project entailed a deep dive into New York’s real estate tax system, along with comprehensive data analysis of how records are stored, categorized, and indexed. The result is an easy-to-access website, where users can learn about the issues and how to fix them.

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