A new kind of team


Repositioning the organization leading New York City toward a stronger future


For over twenty years, the Partnership Fund for New York City has galvanized the city’s business community to invest their time and money into promising New York City-based companies. As the investment arm of the Partnership for New York City (PFNYC), the Fund has invested over $170 million dollars in companies that diversify the local economy and provide job opportunities across the five boroughs.

Madeo partnered with the Fund to improve its communication by shifting messaging toward clear areas of focus, as well as produce a new website to support this new approach. For a series of months, the Madeo team led this multidisciplinary project through stages of content strategy, design, web development, copywriting, and marketing strategy, to create a new digital experience that is audience-centric, inclusive and clear. The introduction of a new color system, fonts, and motifs inspired by the dynamism of the city only added to this experience and made for a subtle brand refresh that maintains the Fund’s professionalism, while still feeling approachable and accessible.


Communicating impact

The Partnership Fund drives change by making smart investments in companies and initiatives that fill gaps in the local economy. At their core, they are the leading business community working to ensure a promising and competitive future for New York City. However, to audiences outside of the organization, this work seemed a little intangible. What exactly was the Fund’s approach that guided their investments? In order to bring clarity to this strategic, impact-driven work, we identified the Fund’s focus areas and repositioned the new messaging strategy around them: Expanding Opportunity and Sparking Innovation.

Once we established that facilitating job creation and catalyzing the growth of emerging industries were at the core of the Fund’s work, communicating impact across copywriting and design became seamless. This is most apparent on the ‘Our Focus page, in which Funded companies are organized not but industry or sector, but by focus area, and reveal a series of company-specific impact statements. This overall shift toward interaction, storytelling, and more approachable communication is also illustrated through the use of photography and video across the site, quite literally showing the Fund’s mission at work.

Marketing Campaign

For the public launch of the new website and messaging, Madeo crafted a multichannel, social media campaign strategy for the Fund with two goals in mind: to increase awareness of the valuable work being done and to engage potential funding applicants in the New York City area. In addition to campaign development, Madeo led efforts across audience segmentation and targeting, budget definition, design and copywriting. 

Defined by the campaigns goals, organic posts across Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram highlighted the Fund’s mission and impact-driven work through a repositioned, approachable lens, and paid ads on Instagram and Linkedin engaged professionals with the goal of attracting social entrepreneurs leading cutting-edge initiatives.

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