A new kind of team


Designing a personalized user experience for millions of fans


We partnered with the National Basketball Association to help personalize the user experience for their internationally successful basketball and video streaming apps. The NBA app, which is used globally, has been growing significantly, now with over a total of over 26.7 million game views during season.

Together with the NBA product team, we collaborated on designing new features and improvements to the app’s user experience. Our focus over several phases has been on making the app more customizable to each user. Different fans use the app very differently, and especially in how they want to watch their game. Some fans want no distraction from the live stream while others want to see many more layers of stats and updates while they are watching the game. It’s an interesting challenge of providing a reliable, but also personalized user experiences to all.

User Onboarding

With new features, we also designed user onboarding screens and experiences introducing new and recurring users to the all new NBA experience.

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