A new kind of team

Innocence Project

Creating a flexible publishing platform for longform stories


How could we create a flexible platform for an editorial team to create engaging longform stories?

Innocence Project has no shortage of stories to tell. From interviews with clients who have regained their freedom after decades spent in prison for wrongful convictions, to deep dive explorations into how the science of DNA has impacted criminal justice forensics, powerful stories help inspire readers to become supporters.

The Madeo team designed and built a flexible editorial platform for creating longform stories within the Innocence Project website, with a range of storytelling tools that make it easy to add highly visual chapters, quotes, photography sliders, call-to-action banners, and much more for telling any kind of story.

To support an active community and help it grow, the platform has robust sharing features and a custom commenting system for readers on all devices. Thousands of readers have read and shared the stories, and the Innocence Project team continues to regularly use the platform to bring more and more critical stories to life.



Innocence Project has already used the new longform format for telling a number of important stories. For almost all of them, the Madeo team collaborates on final creative production of each feature. Check out some of the examples by visiting Innocence Project’s editorial section on Special Features.

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