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Changing perceptions and putting an end to child marriage


Madeo partnered with CARE to help tell the complicated stories of their work on child marriage around the world. CARE’s global work tackles the alarming issue still affecting 64 million girls around the world, forced into marriage before the age of 18.

Through CARE’s long-term Tipping Point project, young female participants joined an immersive photography and storytelling workshops in Nepal, Bangladesh, and other regions. The workshop was designed with the ‘photovoice’ method, giving subjects the tools to tell their own stories through photography. The young girls took over 1,200 photographs, which they paired with notes and observations.

The Madeo team went through the 1,200 photos to edit them down to only 12 that would help tell the complicated stories to diverse audiences, from US Congressmen to American high school students. Madeo also collaborated on the overall content strategy for the campaign, copywriting, and copyediting.


In addition to the images, facts, and stories, we also designed a large-scale traveling installation that became, and continues to be, the center-stage for CARE’s related events around the US. The installation premiered in Congress at an event attended by a wide range of officials to learn more about the related issues. The advocacy efforts by CARE eventually led to the impressive bill on supporting international aid for women.

The 20 foot exhibit, was intentionally designed and produced to collapse into a carrying case, which allowed CARE to easily reuse it for multiple events, installations, and exhibits across different states.

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