A new kind of team

50/50 Climate Project

Empowering the organization tackling climate change from the top down


The 50/50 Climate Project is dedicated to helping the 50 largest global investment funds influence the climate competency of the 50 largest global corporations. We were invited to help grow their work and impact.  We collaborated with the board of directors and leadership team. We started with discovery and defined a roadmap for helping the organization engage more successfully with its unique group of high-level stakeholders.

The organization’s work is extremely specialized and fairly complicated, which required differentiated strategy, design, technology, and communication expertise to help engage key stakeholders. We started with rebranding the organization. We then created a brand new website and we continue to contribute strategy and execution of communications and other key goals that are helping the organization grow and deliver on their ambitious mission to impact climate change.

To date, 50/50 Climate Project has been featured in the New York Times, Site Inspire, Mindsparkle Mag, CSS Design, Latest.is, Harvard University Blog, and Siiimple.


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