A new kind of team

What we do

We help our clients engage better with customers, supporters, and users.

We work on individual projects like websites, apps, and campaigns.

We make digital projects with measurable impact for clients around the world. We continue after launch; with iterations, and ongoing collaborations that change how our clients work, learn, and grow.

We also join our clients with key in-house roles that help them grow.

We reimagined traditional in-house and consultant roles to help create more innovative teams. We join select clients in a uniquely flexible yet effective way; with unlimited projects, daily contribution, and tangible influence on the rest of the team.

Clients & Partners


  • 01Discovery

    Every project starts with a discovery phase. We observe, analyze, and understand what can be done better, and why. We use tools to analyze user behavior, meet with stakeholders, and discover key insights that highlight potential opportunities.

    Competitive Research . Online Surveys . Stakeholder Interviews . Data Analytics

  • 02Strategy

    Madeo is known for providing differentiated strategies, as well as the expertise necessary to execute on them. This typically influences both product and marketing decisions; in order to guide what gets designed, created, and communicated.

    Brand Positioning . Product Strategy . Growth & Marketing Strategy . Communication & Content Strategy

  • 03Design

    Madeo attracts top designers who range in expertise: visual, branding, and design that influences marketing; to UX/UI, and product design. Designers contribute to individual projects, or join client teams with in-house roles to do so much more.

    App & Website Design . User Experience Design . Online Advertising . Visual & Brand Identity

  • 04Content

    The Madeo team provides a unique range of expertise on what gets communicated, to how it can be intelligently tested, and managed. Team members contribute to individual projects, or join client teams with in-house roles to do so much more.

    Copywriting . Editorial . Content Management . SEO . Social Media . Email Marketing

  • 05Engineering

    Good engineering is at the foundation of successful digital projects and products. Madeo's engineers use the latest tools and practices to code, and maintain highly performing websites and apps.

    Front-End Web Development . Back-End Web Development . Content Management Systems . App Development . System Administration