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Segregation in America Website


Madeo partnered with the Equal Justice Initiative to produce an in-depth interactive website on Segregation in America. Racial segregation had a long and enduring history, supported by courts, laws, and elected officials. The pervasive effects of that legacy are still felt today, making this project a much needed resource for individuals and communities alike across the country.

Segregation in America showcases the lesser-known story of national opposition to civil rights and racial equality. White Americans concentrated in the South and influential throughout the country conducted a widespread, organized, and determined campaign to defend segregation and white supremacy.

EJI believes that understanding this mass opposition to racial equality, integration, and civil rights is central to confronting the continuing challenges of racial inequality today.

Our teams collaborated very closely across months, with the Madeo team taking on content strategy, design, copyediting, and web development. The website includes an online version of EJI’s 150 page report, a section on influential segregationists in America, historic videos documenting the horrors of segregation, and an interactive US map showing the thousands of confederate monuments in context of historical events, which largely relate to enforcing segregation in America.

The Map

The interactive map showcases nearly 2000 confederate monuments that stand today throughout the United States. The map’s purpose of data visualization, is not only to show where they were erected, but when. The map allows users to slide from monuments erected after the civil war until ones erected today. The context of time visibly shows that the significant majority of the monuments were built long after the civil war, in fact, most were built following civil rights events that fought to end segregation.

The map was custom designed and implemented with Google API integrations. It is also managed with a customized Drupal 8 Content Management System. The CMS allows EJI to continue adding more monuments as they appear, making it a relevant resource as landmarks change over time.

The Book

Madeo also partnered with the Equal Justice Initiative to produce a 150 page book on Segregation in America. Learn more about the book.

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